Resident Knowledge Bowl Registration

NJAFP is excited to welcome back the Resident Knowledge Bowl to the FamMed Forum! The RKB will be on April 1, 2022 at Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center, Atlantic City. Each residency program must have 3 team members and 1 alternate team member. Each program can also register up to 6 additional residents to attend the FamMed Forum through this registration form.

The registration fee for each residency is $400. Please submit this form to officially enter your team in the RKB! Questions? Email Sue Hockenberry at

Additional Resident Registration

The FamMed Forum is scheduled April 1-2 at Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center. In addition to the RKB competition, the FamMed Forum includes educational sessions, the House of Delegates and networking. You may register up to 6 additional family medicine residents for the conference.

Residency Program Registration Fee

The residency program flat registration fee for up to 10 residents is $400. Please select your payment option below and we will reach out shortly to complete that payment.
Add the email address of the person who will be paying the registration fee.