If you already claimed credit for these courses during the live event, please DO NOT claim credit for these sessions again.

As as special added feature of the 2020 FamMed Forum, 12 of the sessions presented during our LIVE event have been accredited by both AAFP and AMA as stand-alone enduring material.

So if you missed session for which you were registered, you may now take the course and earn CME credit for your participation.

If you still haven't completed your overall evaluation and claimed your certificate for the live event, please do so before taking these courses.  We will remove the links to those evals in the coming days.

These courses are open at this time only to those who registered for the days on which the original sessions were presented. The login email and password you used to access the previous sessions will be required to verify your enrollment for these courses, which will appear "CLOSED" until you log in using the BLUE bar.

Remember, our online education is based on the honor system:

Please DO NOT take these courses if you claimed credit for them during the live event.

Please DO NOT take BOTH AAFP and AMA courses.  They are identical.  Only the certificate is different.  You may request different credit for different courses but please do not apply for both types of credit for the same course.